The white polyurethane table top

Patches of tomato red place mats

Signal the right spot for bad eyesight

In the later hours of one’s life

When tedious order keeping isn’t

The most desirable undertaking.

The purple rose with its magnificent

Folds is kissable/adorable/and more

Desirable in its strong symbolic


Two boxes of white Italian grapes

A red bottle opener

White serviettes with blotches from

A chocolate or cocoa desert

Ildefonso sweets

Kleenex box

Baldrian drops

A new blue calendar of 2020

A folded sleeve with a blood pressure

Measuring device

A rhomboid-system steak knife

A giant clothing peg snapped upon

A pack of notes

Half a bottle of Römerquelle water

In a plastic bottle

One Punchkrapfen and a chocolate


A box of decaf espresso capsules

A dark blue vase with magnificent

White and coral roses

Sugar container

2 bananas

Honey pot

White lantern

Wooden bread container

Kitchen paper roll

An empire style brass clock

Besides the artist’s tools and pens

His black Berlin-notebook

Mobile telephone –

An exciting composition of

Assembled paraphernalia

Mixed with stuff of condiments

And varied tools for art.




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