On the third day of January 2020

It hardly feels as New Year

Rather the dried out extension

Of the old one

Which had been drowned in the

Oversupply of quenching that thirst.

Same hangover

Same dissatisfaction of contemp


Same grey days in the Northwest

Hamlet of Weidling

Where the poet should rather enjoy

The aura of famous poets

Who walked the tree-studded


And densely forested paths

Along the blubbering brook.

Bad luck if you live in an area

Outside the city of Vienna

Where local council summons

You to bus fees

Double the ones in Vienna

Albeit the half reduction for

Senior folk

Who had to pay already for

A yearly membership fee.

No mean feat in a social


It’s a fight –

The cast-aside

Educated people share with

The under-privileged

The jobless

The homeless

The day-labourers.

If at least there would be

Willingness to communication

Addressing these important

Issues that seem grossly

Imbalanced all agree.

A healthy New Year to all.

‘See what the new government

Will offer’…

The poet has been told by the

Bus traffic organization.




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