20191227. Friday

On a Friday at year end, not only a last week of the year 2019 ends, but also memories chase through one’ mind like newsflashes on TV screens. With the difference that they also lead to the sites on one’s laptop that appear unexpectedly out of the digital sea. It’s like – as a poet – one seeks to contact his beloved Muse, one is side-tracked to a concert performance. As if Zorko, the poet’s protagonist, is lost in a labyrinth seeking to find his way of saving his beloved woman, Zina, from the clutches of the dark forces of the Netherworld. One is sidetracked for reasons of poetry, beauty, seductive images, and sirens on a meandering voyage.

But in this instance, the passionate performance of Jacqueline du Pre playing her famous Davidoff-Stradivari, while her husband conducted the London Symphonic Orchestra, is a worthwhile side-track becoming a major artistic window, the artist recharges the inspiration to his soul that offloads the energies gained to his artistic being.

In 1980, I recall having encountered the genius of the talented couple while living in the South of Africa, on the medium of the Internet. Thanks to the IT-creation lots of enjoyment came flooding towards the poet.

Isolated from friends and Muses, the artist has encountered the world of Classical music through the dedicated and intense performance of artists like Jacqueline du Pre and Daniel Barenboim.

Jacqueline’s passion rubbed off by touching the soul of artist and Muse. A series f poems and paintings would follow, inspired by great artists of the music world, especially through the music of Dworak, but more so by the music of Edgar Elgar’s cello concerto, performed by Jacqueline, remaining the favourite of the poet. The performer, who melted into the music to become one. There were many hours of heated exchanges between Muses and artist about this unique performance.

On this Friday, 27 December, when not everything seemed to go all right, the pet though came across this extraordinary performance of the talented couple that restored in the artist the belief of a fruitful future, with an abundance of creativity. And besides his own excitements the acknowledgement by all his friends, his extended family, and all people with

good intentions for a peaceful 2020.

It’s the creative groove, not only of this artist, working in a solitary mood at a hamlet near Vienna, but of all artists, who wish to create in peace within their spaces reflecting the world around themselves.

It’s all the thoughts of beloved and all of those people including family members, one cannot any longer sit opposite in flesh and blood, and talk over the findings of one’s life that had changed one as a person, but hopefully to the better.

There’s that thought of love to all, but especially the all-encompassing love to one’s Muse sent by the God of Poetry and Art acknowledging the artist’s work and inspire him to carry on going along the winding road of self-discovery to create more works of art.

While Jacqueline du Pre sets us up into the magic cloud of wondrous sounds. The poet reflects his creative time having started in Vienna in his youth, continuing in the South of Africa, with an artistic interlude in Athens through an exhibition of his ‘Apollo Frieze’ in Plaka’s Fine Arts Gallery, concluding his wanderings in Vienna and Weidling, Austria.

Thanks to all my friends and beloved,

ZJ Galos

Poet and Artist.