What do you think of your present

Art form?

Drawing like Tintoretto/ Vedova and

ZG as the extension?


It’s not at all important how one’s

Art develops

As all artists have an inner relationship

With one of the Greats of Art

Like Tintoretto had with Michelangelo

And Vedova had with Tintoretto.

But most importantly ZG has –

Besides an artist’s capabilities –

The antennae of sensibilities and

He has tuned into the wavelength

Of his Muse

Whose personal habitat he was

Encouraged to enter

Like a series of touches he had dreamt

Of while asleep

One her soft-padded couch

A bed of green in midst the garden

Of his mind

Where he – most vulnerable to the

Aura of his Muse –

Saw her image stepping from the


Of his artist-protagonist

To lift him up to his self-realization

The Kiss of Death –

A kiss of another life.

Is love death?

The heavenly gardens of creativity


With a virtual key of his Muse.




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