Words of emergency on the

Mobile phone

Ripping you out of a relaxing snooze

In the midst of editing journal poetry

Since years not such a shock of

A spouse’s cry for immediate help.

Another way to get the husband going

No peace for his literary work.

Throw in the towel of your temporary


Try defending your hard fought about


It goes for artist or poet

For the man cherishing his space

Of creativity.

For the woman who treasures her

Tryst with personal freedom

For the designer of wondrous art

That depicts the atmosphere of scenes

He has invented for the pleasure

Of his readers.

Words of emergency mean the state

Of a suffering spouse

Who had inherited a damaged set

Of nerve endings

Especially in the tips of her toes.

But then

Why would she shout at her spouse

Is he the only one left to listen?


A stand-by help besides a life-long

Debate to find inner peace and

Less troubles for one’s soul.




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