If good things happen to you


You wonder what the papers write

About the prediction in sun-signs.

If the poet is often attached by his

Spouse unexpectedly

Or by a certain pattern of her

Varied behaviour

He’ll be alarmed that she’s either ill

With delusion

Of calling back the times

When love had been good

But yet never to her satisfaction.

However hard the poet tried and

Even fell into a depression

Of being impotent.

But due to a series of his spouse’s

Bad health problems

The poet met his partner-in-love

On a website

Sharing the creative power

Of writing poetry and life’s stories.

Longing brought together the lovers

Of distance

And when they met in flesh and blood

A passionate romance blossomed

Whereby the poet’s Muse raised

The poet’s self-assurance:

Good bye ‘lousy lover’.

Never come back bad vibes.

How could this all be?

Love found like a winning

Lottery ticket?

Or was it not alone by fate but

A lucky constellation of planets

Those years of 2000-2003?


zoltanzelan   ZJG-POetry’19.

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