Like a bird

Surprised by sudden cold air

She shies away from walking outside

Her sensorial system raised to high alert

She even smells the omission from a nearby

Chimney emitting smoke from burning

Second-hand fossil fuel.

And this with doors and windows closed

Her body in grave stirred-up alert.

Her temper flares up to the slightest

Tease or humorous comment

She’ll need a holiday. She stated.

‘My blood pressure is quite high and

You play silly buggers.

Well even if she’ll grow wings

She cannot fly to the South

Like the birds.

I feel sorry for her. She cannot cope with

Her budget allowance.

Well now.

The poet observes and sticks to his own

Budgetary restraints.

His good luck – His physical fitness –

A wonderful gift.

His options though are limited to work

And that is: Poetry and Art

Appreciated by his friends.




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