Carpe Diem

If you are sitting on passing time

You better not be idle

Neither in thought

Nor in action

Carpe diem.

Use the day and be grateful

For the things you have

The tools in your bag to draw

And create

The watercolours to render

Your drawings

To artistic depth.

Like now

When the Muse of a pleasant


With a pale autumn sun

Caresses your mind and lifts

You up on gentle wings

Of tender feelings.

What would you do without

All that?

Would you be a desperate person

Looking for an outlet to conquer

Your fears of living?

Don’t sit idle on passing time

Move with the flow of energies

That emanate all around you

From all the colourful folk

Mingling with high expectations

Across the city’s main squares

Especially around the antiquities

And the famous Viennese dome.

Go mingle!

My friend Mr Tis an extraordinary

Example of a talented mingler.

Have a successful day.

Carpe Diem.



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