Er frägt sich –

He questions himself –


The moment he wakes

Steps out of bed and

Brushes his long hair:

‘Am I still alive to fulfill

A purpose on this planet?’

As an artist he has failed

To attract a greater audience

And followers

Than the core of his family

And perhaps some friends

Who commissioned him

To work to themes

That had never entered

His artistic mind

Paying a tribute to surrealism

And developing his own style

Of ‘Mystical Realism’.


As a poet he had more success

On the World Wide Web

And at times he had 33 clicks

Of readers in one day.

A new group of readers will


He thought

Who’ll treasure his journal

His journal poetry

He was writing since he had

Read more deeply into the

Work of George Seferis.

His Muse Ana was instrumental

For introducing him to the

Great poet.

Poet to Poet

Ana to ZZ.

This then is his purpose for

His existence?

Ana sending him a new Muse

She had approved for him?

PURPOSE.ESOPRUP                                            zoltanzelan ZJG-POetry’19.

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