Since some months this year

Changes were imminent

From one quarter to another

Some 40 minutes of

Travelling time

It feels as if the poet has been


From one Muse to another

A tired leopard changing his


The short time on the road

At times challenging to

The poet

Not due to distance or time

But due to the growing masses

Of people travelling

From a gravel yard discoloured

By the continual abuse of the

Neighbour’s cars

The black particles of fossil


Burned in nearby ovens

The smog from diesel energized

Car’s unclean exhausts

The dense fog depressed by

A low pressure system

All together not addressed

Either by the local council

Nor by the county

For all who had a face to face


With project management:

Take your jackets off and

Put up your sleeves.

Just do it. Don’t talk endlessly.




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