It’s not that certain

That you are invited

To a Chinese restaurant

In these times of economical


That could affect the whole

Of Europe in time.


On a Monday evening

Mr T had phoned me to join

Him in his old haunt of Kiang.

He came with another friend

Who has visited from Bavaria.

Basically a nice chap

Somewhat ruff for my taste

Telling us a series of medial


Won Tan soup tasted good

He said.

I had no capacity for soup and

Chose a vegetable wok.

Mr T was disappointed about

His fried rice and shrimps

While P didn’t enjoy his beef

Dish he usually eats. He said:

‘This is not good Chinese food’.

In the end Mr T and I shared

Some vanilla ice cream.

Rather delicious as a desert.

P had a rather pricy soft drink

While Mr T and I had a glass

Of Vienna water from the tap

An excellent spring water from

The nearby mountains:

Schneeberg and Rax.

Still intact in the hysteria of

Climate change

Which according to NASA science

Is completely exaggerated.


It’s the waste we humans create


To grow this horrid dirt

That we haven’t thought through

To deal with

In apparent visible actions.

Clean House.

Clean Cities.

Clean the Seas.

Clean the World.

And what about the wars?




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