Friendship & Marriage

I haven’t seen her for 45 years

Since she parted on a note of

Anger and jealousy.

I’ve found her again on the

World-wide-web and we

Started a series of narrative


Then one day we met in person

At a café of her choice

Near the Albertina

In Vienna. Simchi.

She took after her Mom –

A lifetime of happenings lied

Between us

But we couldn’t take-up our


Where we had left off.

Yet. I thought

Although she promised to

Come early summer and

We could walk together

In the Viennese Woods

As we used to as students.

I have been married for

51 years and met the love

Of a lifetime 17 years ago.

An early death of my Muse 

Had parted us and changed


My marriage turned to


True love could only be

Judged after its ending

And marriage can’t be

Taken-up again.



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