The poet’s gait

Has become too slow

For his sporty spouse

But why does she

Exhort him to speed-up?

First of all:

He works with an elderly


At a reasonable pace

Suitable for Octogenarians.

Then they’ll sit together

Quietly –

Mr T / Mrs IRA /

And the poet

Discussing general matters

At ease.

The poet has been called

On his mobile phone by his

Spouse to join her

But he was already on

His way home.

However to please her he’ll

Makes the effort to join her

In her favourite café.

But spouse or elderly friend

Place him into the spot to

Estimate the time for getting

The transport of U-Bahn and

Bus connection worked out

That does not suit his spouse.

It’s sheer impossible to please


As she blames him for having

To wait too long for the bus.

Better everybody travels alone

As waiting stresses his spouse

Too much

Who blames him ruining her

Relaxing evening

Although he could say the

Same for himself

But he refrains to say so

Avoiding another domestic

Fight on a trivial matter

As far as the poet is concerned.




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