Living at times between

Two cities:

Bratislava and Vienna.

The chase for delivering

Important messages in Art

Will test in Bratislava the

Patience of O & Z –

Well past the ease of ambling –

And strain Mr T

Who wishes to fulfill his promise

In spite of an extensive search

For a far-out city address and

On relying of a pathfinding tool

The correct spot is still left to

Our investigating minds and

Our eyes peeled and

Opened wide.


It happened for good teamwork

But nobody home at No.43.

Never mind.

Place the goodies at the door.

Still home then back in Vienna

The ghosts of the address chase

In ever extending suburbs of


Will haunt the poet’s being

Until sweet slumber will take

Over and

WordPress will rule the poet’s

Welcome peace.

His shield against ill words and

A war of attitudes.

Mr T confirms on the phone

That all’s well at last

As presents were found and

Handed to the intended





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