By now everybody should have


The heaps of waste we all generate.

A quick purchase of food lands in a


Some fruit in a free cellophane bag.

My mobile phone’s battery to be

Replaced –

The plastic cover had to be removed

A continuous waste production

The poet’s never ending task to react

Daily to his environment!

Ride on bus 401 to the ‘City of Saints’

Take the U4 to Schwedenplatz and

U1 to Nestroyplatz. Samsung shop.

On top of a new battery

The technician’s work four times more.


Perhaps I got a so called free-phone

From a service provider

But pay again for the technician

Just to change a sealed-in battery.


I’ve had a Nokia C5 series cellular phone

From 1999 until today

And it gave me a very good service

And I was shocked as I could not load

Its battery one day.

But trying again after a while on the

Power it loaded again

The familiar signature tune sounded

To my utter joy.





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