Zed & Ay

For eight decades

Life ticks off


At times adventures

Seem the worthwhile

Thing to do.

Yet when young

Your fall means to get up

And dust yourself off.

Love‘s a great game

The hunter becomes

The hunted in the end.

Experienced women

Will show you sweet treats

Gardens of joy and lust.

In mid-life finally

All professional work means

To reach the top in the

Art of Building.

Then as tragedies strike

Spouse’s series of operations

Will set back a family life.

Diving into ART as soon

As loss of building work cuts

Deep into self-assurance.

LOVE. Mature love overflies

All life’s problems and

Creativity takes off.

This Saturn-rocket catapults

Your artistic talents into

A universal happening.

All’s short lived but love

Muse Athens remains

A tactile passion replay.

Zed the ZED and

Ay the AY.




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