Cellular Life

Incredible circumstances

Delay the poet’s

Continuous striving to get

His poetry book published.

Writing time – Bus rides

The U-Bahn time

Waiting for the return


To the outskirts of Vienna.

A traffic system that’s

Reaching all suburbs

But some more effectively

Than others.

Wake – B watches the news

Quite depressing in all.

Take a small cup

Of ‘Harvest Moon’ and nuts

Chia seeds and

Some Greek honey.

For a while my concentration


My friend says it comes from

Too much masturbation.

My common sense bluffed

By new ideas for a poem

I forgot my linen bag with my


But have taken my Samsonite

Bag on wheels.


I had my cellular phone with me

And though I travelled two

Stations too far at first

The picture of Praterstrasse

Appeared in front of me

Haven’t travelled to this spot

Of town for some time.

Yet the vision of an autumn

Alley with its plane trees

Stood vividly in front of me.


Now I was right.

Damn. My cellular phone

Has to stay at least two days

With the Samsung company.

My old Nokia dead.


No communication.

No music.

No time piece.

And no WhatsApp.

No camera.

I’m cut off from my usual

World I’m living in

Assessing now its weight

Of importance.





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