MR.T: Friend and artist of survival

Art promotor

Administrator of his dad’s

Artistic oeuvre

Avid story teller

Famous for his jokes

In line with his joie du vivre.

‘Naturally I dream also every night’

He quips

Telling us about his adventurous

Dreams of a romantic nature

Drawn to a bevy of beauties

In his heyday

He still remembers his first


The poet listens and remembers

Himself his first love and the

Tragedy of love and deceit.

Talking Love and Dreams by Mr T

Will perspire as Love & Art with

His artist friend

Part of his own life.

‘I’ve noticed your sketches have

Become dark’

Mr T says.

‘Indeed.’ The artist’s voice replies

‘They come from the dark and then

Take shape!’

Mr T is an astute observer.

‘Something I’ve tended to

Without noticing it in detail

Although in the creative act

I do not see

I just act on the drawing of the

Mirror image in my innermost


The artist in me transforms.




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