FlatWorld 04

Exploring the lands

Around U1’s extension line

To the south-east of Vienna

Planned for this Saturday

But plagued by drizzle

From a continual change

Of dark and light cloud

At times some pale sunshine

For a short while.

Quickly into a nearby patisserie

To sit out a sudden downpour

With excellent tarte de framboise

And two cups of Italian espresso.

Then recovered from the cold

Walk towards the new building

Site with a complex of blocks

Designed for modern socially

Supported living

Along the Oberlaa Park and Spa


Will have to contact the developer

To have a chance of moving into

One of these well-designed units

Light and friendly colours

At the first block.

With cold wind creeping below

Our coats

Back again to the U3 station


Remembering Albie Sachs

Victim of a terror attack in


Back in the late seventies.

His loss of one arm was traumatic

Kreisky invited him to the Spa in


He told me at a luncheon.

Now it’s up to us and the Gods

The friendly spirits

And the caring Muses

To ask for their support and


To assist with our quest

In moving forward.




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