What kind of guy is that?

Knocking a man of Jewish belief

Frightening him to death

Braking his nose?

What kind of an oak is that?

Can’t be called a man

Reminds the poet of his Grandpa

Who had been attacked on his way

Home early evening

By the local pharmacist’s henchmen.

As he fell down the brooks ravine

His temple broken

Meant his death. 1944.

History aiming for a replay?

Vienna be ashamed

Following close after Halle

Must we all just sitting back

While disrespect and violence

Of man against man becomes

Frequent news

Only few people care about?

I recall the importance of


Coming myself from a sheltered


The question: Which stable are

You from? Has profound meaning

Especially in the Age of General

Disrespect. To say the least.




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