Mr T reads his Email.

ZJG reads his BHP –

Badener Hof Poems –

A journal with words

Paired in rhythms.

‘One needs to read

Something exciting during

A train trip’

Oscar Wilde already said.

Fight boredom

Says ZJG.

But then poet ZZ is in a

Constant dialogue with

The artist ZG.

Who pulls his head toward

His chest

In the style of a turtle

Just as his therapist once


To loosen up a stiff neck.

‘At least something’s stiff!’

The poet quipped.

‘Don’t be such a twerp!’

The artist replies.

‘I’m still good for a session

In love’.

‘OK!’ The poet murmurs.

‘No offence!’

‘None taken!’ The artist

Laughs aloud

Still filled with confidence

As women look at him

For his naked appearance

In Sauna land.




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