SAUNA & The Beast

You mustn’t be frightened

To visit a so called Bio-Sauna

With a gentle heating of

Waters scented with some


But as the lighting changes

From yellow to blue and

Red to ivory

Out of the dim atmosphere

A giant mountain of a body


The poet called: The Beast

Whose huge body mass causes

Creaking sounds on the slatted

Birch benches

As he moves rocking into his

Preferred position

Dominating the small room

Breathing in and out noisily.

But then as you have been left


From the Beast leaving only

About ten minutes later

Perhaps disliking colours

Of varied lighting effects

Or maybe the scent of herbs

Another person enters into

The play of changing lights:

A feisty woman it seems

With a body matching that

Of the BEAST –

An advertising for Michelin


Overlapping fatty folds

On her stomach

Above her thighs.

I’m glad time flies and when

Closing one’s eyes

The pleasant heat and the

Herbal scent

Will open one’s pores

Detox skin and body.

Beast inside freed. Freed.




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