For a mere 20 minutes

Of therapy for my friend

We have to wait more than

An hour at a medical doctor’s


Who is not able to take the


Well. We were 20 minutes late

But the therapy plan for Mr T

Had been already designed

And the important thing:

He shouldn’t miss his first

Therapy session at 9 am.

Monday morn’.


Medical doc K is flexible enough

To accommodate the late comer.

But indeed it’s the artist’s fault

Who didn’t read his appointment



It’s important to start the therapy

For Mr T right now.

Accompanying assistant

Poet and artist

Has been engaged to coax Mr T

Diplomatically to his therapies

On time.

He’ll do it.

It’ll be done all with a gentle flow

Of a time related walk

From the individual rooms to the

Therapy area in the lower

Ground floor.





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