Back to the chicken life

Darting back and forward

In pursuit of affordable food.

Besides spouse B is adamant

To be in town before noon

So I hurry back from the

Social market

Where a few bargains have

Been made.

Samsonite roller bag

Served me extremely well.

The muggy air a wet blanket

On the body.

Caught the bus 401 in time

Fell like a stone on the fold-down


At the luggage and pram-space

Opposite the middle bus entrance.

Pearls of sweat rolled down my


Rushed to place all groceries

Into the fridge.

All fitted into the mini-fridge

Supplied by the earth-bound


The sooner I finish my domestic


The sooner I’m back at my

Writing and drawing desk.



ZJG-POetry’19. =”i.�޾�g

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