Placid and in the groove

Of creative writing

A love poem emerged

My body in a fever

In midst of a periwinkle

Stretched-out hamlet.

There was a faint knock

On the door

I thought it was my spouse

Knocking on my drywall


Then a louder knock

Rushing from my artist’s


I unlocked the front door

And opened it.

Like a wizard this bearded

Man had appeared

A gremlin or a messenger

Of unfortunate news?

His talk sounded gobbled up

Strange dialect I thought.

His bad vibes caused me

A deal of discomfort.

I asked him politely to leave.

He swore

And when he called me names

I closed the door and locked it

As my spouse and always do.

My mind analyzed:

Strange man


Causing a dichotomy between

Me and my spouse.

She went to the bathroom

While I prepared a healing tea

Soon the scenery dissolved

Into the Weidling-air’s dusk.

Warlock or spook?



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