Back in the Badener Bahn

Ivory and blue train

Out of a paradise of

‘Dolce far niente’

Whenever one had finished

Successfully one’s therapies.

One train arrives

One train goes.

Two coaches with a flexible joint

For mastering tight curves.

The sun bakes the dust-grey

Cloud cover over the city

The air impregnated with


I’m traveling from a country town

To a hamlet

Bypassing the big city with the

Metro train below and above


Time flies.

In a jiffy I’m at the 400 bus

Heading toward Klnbg-Weidling


Temporary home.

I’m uneasy.




2 thoughts on “UNEASY

  1. Gabi commented that my poetry reads like a diary. Well, of course I write Journal-Poetry also on a regular basis. I am glad that my readers from Austria to Hong Kong, Australia to South Africa, Oman to India, all like a read. For you and everybody I write with pleasure about my life. A life that started in Vienna continued in Afrique du Sud and returned back to Vienna. Enjoy! ZJG.

  2. Not to forget readers from France and the Czech Republic, besides, I guess some of the readers that commented so kindly, and who are poets, or appreciate poetry. Greetings and get penning! ZJG

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