Yesterday’s visitor surprised me.

She came out of the blue.

She said on the phone: ‘I’m in

The Badener Bahn to see you.

Don’t let me down.

I’ll arrive within the hour’.

‘OK’. I replied and cancelled

Supper at reception.

Left the hotel into a sunny

Monday morn’

To meet her at Josefsplatz

The end station.

As I waited for her I bought

An ice cream from Peter –

Whose name reminded me

Of my cousin in Eisenstadt.


As the train arrived

I walked toward the coaches

And as soon she emerged

I waved at her.

She waved back.

Greeting her she asked for

Visiting a coffee house

As was exhausted from the

Two hour trip.

Café Central.

Talks about her activities

And then about my cure.

We walked thru’ Baden.

Ice cream at Ice-Peter

As he also has lactose-free

Ice cream

She prefers.

Then after a small tour

Around the provincial city

She suddenly felt hungry.

Well. The local restaurants

Being expensive

Back to Café Central for a

Tuna salad for her.

I stuck to a glass of local

Red wine.

She talked more about her


That offered her only

Boredom at our common


From there we walked thru’

Small streets of ‘Biedermeier-

Baden’ back to Josefsplatz

And the Badener Bahn

She called ‘Bimmelbahn’.

I saw her off.

She apologized having taken

Me off the planned tour thru’

The Casino.

‘I’ve seen Casinos in S-Africa’.

I said and waved her good-bye.




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