Amazing social interaction

Of the varied personalities

While on a cure at the

Badener Hof Spa.

Where a seating order is

Obligatory at the dining table

For the 21 day duration.

It’s the luck of the draw.

At times one is drawn into

Trivial conversations

At other times one would

Find an interlocutor at

The next table

A younger woman who had

Followed one

Allocated with a room

Next to one’s own.

Unfortunately she’s inhibited

Not liberated from the poignant

Indoctrinations of a misguided

Generation of teachers.


It would be like winning the

Lottery ticket to come across

A matching person to one’s

Own character traits.

Matching to one’s intellect


And spiritual leanings.

It happens only once in a

Person’s life

If one is blessed by the

Goddess of Eros.




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