‘All seven years my husband

Changes his wife‘. She said.


‘What shall I do with that?’

The poet mumbled.

‘One just can’t get on with each

Other that long.

However. I’m already 51 years

Together with my wife.’

‘Oh!’ she gasped. ‘You can conduct

Such a conversation

But it won’t change your mood

From feeling unhappy

Just as a wrong partner does’.


We all are subjects to change’.

The poet mused.

‘Do you know Heraklith? He coined

The following phrase:

“You can’t place your foot twice

Into the same water.”

‘Well’. She paused. Then continued

‘I’m going to be blind’. The welting

80 year old woman whispers.

The poet pauses. Then he rasps

And talks to her looking into her


‘I have met many Muses in my


‘Aha’. She says.

‘From India to Pakistan and China.

From Egypt to Germany.

Young women experiencing with

Their sexuality’.

‘Oh’. She gasped.

‘Until I found in Greece my real


Mrs Gerber describes as my

‘Great Love’.

Within seven years.

Seven years times three have

Since passed in three flashes.


zoltanzelan      ZJG-POetry’19.

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