I met her at the staircase landing

To the first floor.

‘I follow you like a shadow

But my room is on the same floor’.

‘OK’. I said as I turned.

I had a good look at the woman’s

Eyes: They had lost their shine.

She talked about the state of her


As if time would run out for her

Quite soon.

‘Macular degeneration’. She uttered.

‘But you know it’s amazing what

Ten percent capacity to see

Still can do for me’.


Here was a woman I’ve seen before

Checking out her figure

Looking at her back.

She must have felt it having

Developed a sensibility above the


Into our conversation – we continued

In easy chairs on floor one –

I received a phone call from my

Spouse. The woman left.


How could I catch up on such


Of an interesting life’ drama

Even if I’ll see her again?

I asked her later for company.

‘It’s Sunday and we could try

Café Central’. I said. ‘I’ll be a good

Guide and an avid listener’.


Perhaps. There’s potential.




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