The last Friday

Until leaving the Health hotel

On Wednesday.

But this morn’

After a pleasant personal

Exercise session with

Sensible Mrs A.D.

I felt good with my progress.

She measured the acute angle

Of my bent knee

That had been operated on.

A ten percent improvement

Since I came on the 8 August.

But as I walked to have breakfast

Eva and the elderly woman

With a rollator support

Made long faces:

‘Nina had been dismissed from

Today’. Eva said.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘Apparently she had been bitten

By a bug

Showing a red patch of an

Infected under arm.

‘A serious infection?’ I asked.


Arguments between the two

Remaining women lead to a

Guess that missed therapy

Sessions might have also been

Considered as an additional

Weighting for letting her go

Home early.




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