Therapies for the body

Baden near Vienna

Hotel Badener Hof

Spa and healing affixed

On their banner of offerings

Sumptuous buffet breakfast

Three menus to choose from:

Traditional Austrian

Vital menu


Most of all underwater gym

Healing gymnastics


Endurance cycling

But for wellness  

Is a water world for

Swimming and relaxing

At bubbling baths

A popular whirlpool

Hot sulfur spa basin for

A quiet soak.

A sauna landscape:


Traditional sauna with a

Bath master

A Finnish sauna with an

Ice-cold water basin

To chill one’s body out


However –

The contrast to the water world’s

Aesthetically conceived design

With fine colour-toned mosaics

Are giant bodies due to overeating

That roll about and spoil the

Relaxation of the few aesthetically


Eyes closed. They prefer the Bio-sauna

And the low water pool with

A few sets of bubbling waters

Attracting a more lean population

As do the therapists talking about

A healthy diet:

Let’s ignore bad and fatty foods

Anti-plastic era is overdue!

Have I heard the slogan:

‘Wir schaffen das?’




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