She phoned at 8:22 and I wish her

A good morn’

Well – not often – like yesterday

We end up in a domestic quarrel.

However. It’s short lived

As we talk on our cellular phones

And live at a greater distance

She’s in Weidling near Vienna

And I’m at Baden near Vienna

Just at opposite ends with

A two hour traveling time.

‘For you’ she says

‘It’s like a holiday. For me

It’s a fight for survival

Seeking food that suits my

Digestive system’.

Besides – I know that –

Constraints to her budget

Places her into a straightjacket

Of living frugally and content.

I talk to her for a while

Between two therapy sessions.

She’s impatient for telling me

Much more and more

But I have to cut her short.

‘It’s time for me to go’. I say.

‘Well you won’t come late’

She utters.


I’m keeping to my scheduled


To appear at therapy sessions

A few minutes before the set


Besides. It happened also that

One of the therapists was late

Or did not appear at all.

I also missed one appointment

Due to a mid-morning rest

And my personal therapist for


Saved me from being late.

Having my bathrobe on she

Overlooked that I was bare


Which showed at certain


But I covered myself as good

As possible

Feeling embarrassed of

Flashing my coat open

As I moved.

When I made a remark

About a penis flasher

She smiled.

I got to like her a lot.




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