Perhaps I’ve done the wrong


Encouraged by the offer of

Four saunas

I chose the infusion ritual

Called ‘Aufguß’

By a dedicated sauna man

To be performed on us

The illustrious mix of men

And women visitors.

Then as I felt so well as not

In many years

I ventured into the second

One in Sauna Land:


Quite interesting.


With a salt treatment to

The entire skin.

Then – encouraged that I can

Still take it at 80

I tried the Finnish Sauna

And felt not that great

Sitting fifteen minutes

In an automated feed of water

Onto blistering hot stones.

A younger man challenged me

To dive into the cold basin

I felt like an icy grip to my heart.

Climbing from the basin I felt

Dizzy. Well.

Hoped not to collapse.

Felt not quite right after that.

Retired to a bubble pool

And sat afterwards in the nude

Sun tanning area.

My blood pressure must have

Climbed up fifteen points at


That wasn’t good.

I took a pill.

Perhaps these therapies have

Been too much for my system?

Or salty food and the pretty woman

My artist’s eye recalled her

Slim nudity.




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