I’m bad with German names

But I recall unusual ones

Or long ones like Dieffenbacherer.

The one preparing for a long


Not wishing to handle another


She thinks being smart

But I think of her insulting me.

There are ressentiments.

Funny roleplays.

Preplanned avoidance.


Mrs G. places her face close

To mine

In a move of acting confidence

And playing sympathies

I don’t buy.

Overly friendly as I ask if she

Had me overlooked.

Not at all had she done that

But ignored me

There’s nobody else left

Inside the therapy room.

‘We have infrared therapy

Lie on your belly’ she utters.

I’ll move your panties down

A bit’.

‘Well I can take them off’.

‘Not necessary’. She said.

‘The lamp is not that wide’.

And she giggles.




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