ZJG BHP 05. Enjoy

Finally the Badener Bahn

Arrived an hour later

At the Josefsplatz in Baden

After leaving from its end station

At the Opera in Vienna.

The poet used the time of travel

To write his journal poems.

At times more than just one idea

Of reacting to an event

Also let a thought happen.

I guess the sweet young lass

Who took a seat opposite to me

Made me think of another few


Unblemished porcelain skin

Pleasantly dressed in a black top

With lace finishes at her firm


Sand coloured jeans

Just as the poet was wearing.

He looks up now and then

Enjoying her delightful presence.

All these moments appear

In front of the poet’s eyes later

When he nabbs at a Lotus Biscoff


That is served with a cup of


At the coffee place of the

Badener Hof Hotel.




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