ZJG BHP 03. Well

You have kept to the schedules

Of the so called ‘Öffis’ (Public

Transport) – Bus. Subway.

Now the Badener Bahn.

It’s a one way ticket

Reduced for Senior citizens.

But the ticket machine needs

Your fast action

Yet time for payment is not

Shown. However.

Good thing the poet had allowed

Enough time for that.

Amazingly – the poet’s spouse

Was at ease at his departure

So departing without tension

Is a new experience for the bard.

Traffic flow is steady

But with less emphasis on keeping

Strict time: The Summer-mode.

OK. Muggy. Low pressure system.

You can smell the water in the

Saturated air.

There’s climatic change

As it had always been.

Certainly we are short of good

Healthy water and bottle icebergs.

I looked the other day into a mirror

As I studied my face magnified

In the bathroom of a well-to-do


I came across a photograph

When I was a boy.

Well – As a boy I couldn’t imagine

How I would look when I was


As I never thought of getting old.

But then somebody said

‘You’ll get as old as your mother.’

In that case I’ve still seven years

To go. If all goes well. Perhaps even

A few years more.


zoltanzelan        ZJG-POetry’19.

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