ZJG BHP (Badener Hof Poems) 01

Imagine a trip from

Your doorstep to town

Something you do

Often enough

Orientating yourself

On familiar markers.

Another trip from home

To a famous spa

A welcome break to

Daily chores

A cut into the ordinary

Some new surroundings

New travel mates for

20 days + one.

The poet has left his personality

At the common dining table

Where frequent laughs are

Pinned to the various chests

Of his three female companions

With variations in languages

But also some decent conversation

With a room neighbour

Who values the cultural history

Of the past few hundred years.

While the poet in his room 4105

He shortened to 1

Has a domain

That he retreats to

Like a wild cat in the forest of


And let the free will amble

Thro’ the gardens

At the edge of Eden’s

Healing waters.




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