Finding a flat in Vienna

Which is not overpriced

Is considered among all

Seekers to rent:

A miracle!

The painful search causes

Horrendous frustrations.

People seeking to rent

Surpasses many times

Accommodation offered:

One calls it a renter’s market.

Stage 1: Exhilaration starts

When one is offered some

Reasonable roof over

One’s head

Especially if the room is


Stage 2: Once settled in

The list of complaints will

Cover a whole page.

But bit by bit the priority

Of grievances is discussed

With a difficult landlord.

Stage 3: the poet settles in

And he receives a desk

Fitting onto the kitchenette

Which will be his domain.

His spouse uses the tea table

In the bedsitter annexed to

A leather couch

She was left with

By a friendly neighbour

Who moved out in the cloak

Of night.

Stage 4: the domestic fights

Continue since day one

In the sleepy hamlet of the

Historic County near Vienna

Where famous poets and

Scientists are buried.

The poet’s spouse has finished

With her life in the village W.

And she rather commutes

On a reduced senior ticket

Frequently to the capital.

But as she used to enjoy

The surrounding fields and

Woods before

Jogging daily in the morn’

Who knows what the next

Stage in her life will bring?




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