This morn‘ at the Badener Hof

The table at the dining room

Was set quite differently.


Eva and Nina were not present

Although they are always

Early birds.

But then I realized that eating

Breakfast alone was indeed

A lonesome affair.

Yet the poet in me took his

Notebook and pen.


I went up to the first floor

Knocked at Eva’s door and

She opened.

‘I missed you at the table’.

‘OH OK’. She said. ‘Thanks

For caring’.

‘Well. As long as you are OK’.

‘I’ve doodled along too much

This morning’. She replied.

‘Now then get going!’

I nudged her along.

‘Remember therapists start

On the dot and won’t be that

Flexible for latecomers’.




ZJG BHP 08. Whereto?

At the Internet of the

Displaced emotional world

The wondrous garden of


Where the jaded human being

Perceives nothing any longer.

Pebble paths of commonplaces

That cut-up like razor blades

The soles of one’s feet.

There you walk now my bard

Your sensitivity protected

Behind the armour

Forged thru’ your eventful life.

Now and then a delicate plant

With a cerise smile

Encourages you to continue

On your long and winding path.

Further. Away.





You may fall slowly into

A pattern of wake and sleep

Your body exposed to varied


But if you wish to look at

A man’s or a woman’s

Natural beauty

You visit the sauna or the

Sun tanning terrace

Besides the lazy man’s gym:

The body lifted by jets and


Wellness smiles greet you

At the whirlpool

A friend talks about the

‘Shadow-meeting’ of most

Men and women

Who crowd the Badener

Sulfur spas.


This would be really so


Yet for the poet who

Suddenly detected his

Gentle side of helping

His handicapped room


Named Eve

With a gentle voice

A near childlike soul of


He suddenly felt old

So very old.

His temper dampened.

Yet there’s life still left

In the darned old dog.





You wake to a quaint

Sunday morn‘

Or at least you think

It’s Sunday

You miss the smell of

Freshly baked rolls

Or ground coffee beans.

Instead your mind projects

To you the smells of

Yesterday –

Sweet oleander overload

The taste of lemon maracuya

And chocolate ice cream

From ‘Ice-Peter’

Most famous in Baden/Vienna

Where the celebrated and the

Infamous rally to the spas.

Certainly Beethoven was with

Grillparzer and Mozart

The most prominent of artists

And in the early 20th century

Strauß and Lanner

Who took to the sulfur waters.

‘Good morning!’ Eva greets

A room neighbour

Sharing the daily meals at the

Same table

In the Grand Hotel Badener Hof.

Time to divulge in fresh fruit

And some sweets.

Yet the taste buds are not

Stimulated as usually

Besides the smells seem faintly


Eva means that’s due to age.

Sweet age of the late 70’s.




ZJG BHP 05. Enjoy

Finally the Badener Bahn

Arrived an hour later

At the Josefsplatz in Baden

After leaving from its end station

At the Opera in Vienna.

The poet used the time of travel

To write his journal poems.

At times more than just one idea

Of reacting to an event

Also let a thought happen.

I guess the sweet young lass

Who took a seat opposite to me

Made me think of another few


Unblemished porcelain skin

Pleasantly dressed in a black top

With lace finishes at her firm


Sand coloured jeans

Just as the poet was wearing.

He looks up now and then

Enjoying her delightful presence.

All these moments appear

In front of the poet’s eyes later

When he nabbs at a Lotus Biscoff


That is served with a cup of


At the coffee place of the

Badener Hof Hotel.




ZJG BHP 04. Portrait

Write about what you know

My Muse said to me

In the Athen’s library

When imagination shaped my

Golden Age of writing and



Even when writing fiction

You’ll need knowledge about

A theme you’ll tackle.

Research. Research.

So I thought writing about

The person I knew best

Would be easy.


Besides. I write and get on

With it.

At some time the story will

Develop. Now –

With a portrait or an attempt

For a personality depiction

My approach would be

To stay at ease.

Write first down the scenes

That are most lively in my

Mind. No plan. Go as it comes.

It’ll never be that objective

But then I’ve lived with my

Spouse for 51 years

And do I know her?




ZJG BHP 03. Well

You have kept to the schedules

Of the so called ‘Öffis’ (Public

Transport) – Bus. Subway.

Now the Badener Bahn.

It’s a one way ticket

Reduced for Senior citizens.

But the ticket machine needs

Your fast action

Yet time for payment is not

Shown. However.

Good thing the poet had allowed

Enough time for that.

Amazingly – the poet’s spouse

Was at ease at his departure

So departing without tension

Is a new experience for the bard.

Traffic flow is steady

But with less emphasis on keeping

Strict time: The Summer-mode.

OK. Muggy. Low pressure system.

You can smell the water in the

Saturated air.

There’s climatic change

As it had always been.

Certainly we are short of good

Healthy water and bottle icebergs.

I looked the other day into a mirror

As I studied my face magnified

In the bathroom of a well-to-do


I came across a photograph

When I was a boy.

Well – As a boy I couldn’t imagine

How I would look when I was


As I never thought of getting old.

But then somebody said

‘You’ll get as old as your mother.’

In that case I’ve still seven years

To go. If all goes well. Perhaps even

A few years more.


zoltanzelan        ZJG-POetry’19.