He came across some


Unravelling piles of papers

With annotations

But mostly correspondence

Of family members

Of his elderly friend.

A portrait

A face drawn with stark


An interesting expressive

Depiction of a self-portrait:

Leo Maillet’s “Moi”

An etching dated 1945.

His eyes with a penetrating


Right thru’ the viewer

His lips curled in an angry


Another card showing

“Red in Anger”

A watercolour with faces

In tense expressions

Some white overlay blotches

Set against a dark moss-green


An inspiring work

Yet the poet’s spouse thinks

Nothing of the work

But then he is not at all

Concerned about other opinions

Being inspired by Millet’s work

Taking home some detail

Or other to transform it

In his own work at random

Whenever the mood or an

Opportunity arises.




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