It’s all about survival.

The poet in pursuit of a Better Life

The artist not entirely for his canvas

But also to master his life.

Chilling at the Castelletto-Café

In midst of a rich tourist culture

Vienna is loved by all

But most Viennese are weary of

Their politicians

Who supposedly should represent

The majority’s wishes

In parliament.

Besides chilling at the Café

Even the most redeemed papers

Free to read there

Could turn any optimist depressive:

Bugs affecting the death of pines

Rising caprioles of climatic changes

The suffering of the elderly

In a city’s excessive heat

Storing in the granite surfaces

Radiating still into the late night

Questions arising from

Illegal immigration

Wheeling and dealing with

Human lives.

There’s always fear about enough

Drinking water

Besides the well-to-do-people

Flee the city taken over by


Areas reserved for convenient


Will be closed and bulldozers

Move in

To revamp Rotenturmstrasse.

Pity it has to be done during

The main tourist season.




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