A quick start on Monday


Ahead of bus schedules

And feeling sorry for his


The poet murmured

He calls abstract prayer.

‘I will be off on foot’

He said

‘And walk from the bank

To the Physio place

For exercises’.

At the bank the poet noticed

That he’d forgotten his

Reading glasses.

A friendly woman lend him

Her glasses

But they were too weak

To read the code nestling

Between a thicket of drawn


As an idea to avoid easy

Recognition by others.



The poet continued his

Shopping at a nearby market

Close to a light industrial area

Amidst fine dust from cement


Well. If it’s also excessive diesel

Exhausts or acid rain bursts

Chemtrails from airplanes or

Glyphosate sprayed on fields

It’ll be some micro plastic

In foodstuff.

Forget all that. The poet sighed.

He’d met a woman with dusky

Overall appearance

With brown eyes that glow and

Warm his heart.

Strong good chemistry flows

Through her finger tips

When he receives a medically

Suggested massage on his leg.

Thus her sensual touches

Have affected his whole being.

In time he was attracted to the

Far- eastern beauty.

Will sympathy turn to love?




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