After a long morning

Travelling since seven am

Being checked out by the

Surgeon on duty

For her outpatients

The poet speaks to Dr S

About his art and his latest

Book illustrations

Showing her his note-and

Drawing book.

Then after he’s impressed her

She’s telling him to do

Something with his life

Like exhibit his work.


It costs only a small fortune

And where would he start?

Not knowing anybody here

In Vienna.

He really misses his friends

In Athens


The air around the Acropolis.

A tear for Zol

As Ana wrote her prophetic

Poem for him.

He cried but there are no tears

Any longer

She took it with her.

After a long morn’

Some ice cream on a stick

Preferable Magnum Classic

He’s back at his domain

And when he works creatively

The cubbyhole expands.

He’s at ease.




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