‘Are you a visuospatial whiz

By now’?

Asks Roshni Ramanan

“I repeat for liking – the poet

Muses –

Perhaps it caught me by surprise

And it certainly started

A process of inspiration.

As I look at my drawings and

Paintings on my Ego-wall

At the other side of my desk

I’m indeed a visuospatial


One who – like you – is

Constantly on the move

Between the spaces of his

Lines and strophes

As a poet.

When he moves into the

Position of a visual artist

He is drawing what he writes

Just vise versa: he writes

What he’s drawn.

And as she writes about her

Goals of installing a sense

Of nostalgia

Melancholy and loss –

I’m absolutely aware

Of having been there


But LOSS has been the

Hardest and worse place

To have ever tread upon

With a devastating bleed

On body  soul  and spirit.




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