If you’ll imagine a space of

4 x 1.8 meters as a room

With half of that as working


You’ll wonder if this area

Is at all usable for a bard

To write

For an artist to render his


Yet it works as an artist’s

Domain –

Its use as a kitchenette

Transformed into a workshop

But not entirely.

The poet’s spouse still enters

At different times for brewing

Coffee or tea

Contributing to the raise of

The poet’s pent-up temper.

It’s absolutely useless to discipline

The bard with abuse of her rights

Of usage.

But then as the artist wakes even

Stronger in the shell of the man

He’ll produces artistic illustrations

Fr his new book

Born out of difficulties

Irritations and needling.

Through years of living in a small


All stumbling blocks to pursue

His art

Have been successfully transferred

To paper camera and canvas.




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