Pursuit of a Better Life – TWO

Living together in a flatlet

Of 34m2

Causes friction

Between a poet and his spouse.

The state’ support for honouring

Their 50-year marriage anniversary

Was thwarted by the major’s office

Due to respective rules

Denying the small cash support

If one’s domicile is not in Vienna.

Pity. The poet lamented

We’re living only six miles outside

The city boundaries

In a small flatlet

Not worth the effort for the city’s

Majoral office

To honour half a century of marriage

To the same partner.

Not important nowadays to the trend

Of short stints of

Married relationships.

Now then

Go to town and visit the Poet’s friend

Mr T

Who had a bad attack of an epileptic


As he listens to Mr T’s story


‘It’ll be good. Just move about a bit

In the room. Move. Move.

I know all about it’. The poet said

Having been in hospital for a tricky

Knee joint operation.

While the poet leaves for an

Ice cream stick

He also searches for a swimming cap

To tuck his long hair in

But cannot find one.

Well most people sport crew-cut hair

Or shaven off completely.

The poet’s spouse sits at Chilai’s

Sun porch

Sipping lemon water.

What the poet calls Dog Days

She’ll thrive in the greatest heat.




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