Pursuit of a Better Life – THREE

The poet found his spouse

Among the chill-out places

Along the Kärntner-Ring

Near the opera.

His spouse enjoys the noises

Of the city

The languid sit-back

Leafing through fashion mag’s

Now and the watch people

Move by on this grand stage –

Street theatre.

The poet does not mind where

To sit and compose his

Journal poetry

For him absolute stillness refers

To a stark white canvas

While the steady hum of the

City noises refers

To a colourful background

He paints his words onto.


Even if the poet and his spouse

Sit together in town

It’s not different to sit together

In Weidling

At their small domicile.

She reads ongoing

While he works patiently

On his poetry book of a poetic


He’s completed the lyrics for

A German and

For an English edition.

A friend of Mr T’s extended

Family has asked already

Where she could read the


The poet is encouraged to

Publish all very soon.




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