A 25 minute walk uphill

Agnes Street from the bridge

To its apex is reinvigorating

At 9:30 in the morning.

Besides I took Sadhguru’s lecture

‘To be at ease’ to my heart.

Since last week

Perhaps even longer

I’m consciously opening my eyes

Prick my ears and coach my brain

To be all times ‘At ease’ and

Consciously enjoy living.

Now then

I will arrive at the Institute for

Physical Medicine

In good time for my exercises

As prescribed by the medical


Now then

The sounds of shops opening

For the day are behind me

The fruit at the shop close to

The Rathausplatz

Smell so good.

Sunshine floods the historically

Important Square

Illuminating pavements

Strong shadows bring the baroque

Façade of the Old Rathaus

To life.

It smells like dried grass and

Dampness evaporates from the

Washing down of tar and stone.

Daria is a friendly physiotherapist

At ease

I’m getting on with her quite well

We talk diet

Personal tastes and sport.

Exercising is a pleasure with her

She shows me ways of massaging

With a tennis ball.

zoltanzelan   ZJG-POetry’19.

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