Albert Again

The poet calls on Albert

His long time collocutor.

Albert appears instantly

Never ageing

He always looked like this:

Dashing in a dark grey suit

Cigarette between his lips


‘I’ve read your journal poetry

For some time now…

Let me comment first’.

‘All right’.

The poet sits back and listens

To his famous friend.

‘Your life’s not an ordinary one

And therefore of great interest

In a philosophical aspect.

Firstly – don’t argue with your

Spouse. Just listen.

Secondly – if you feel tension

Building up

Go for a walk. The Viennese Woods

Are close by.

Thirdly – absorb everything.

Think of yourself a sponge

Writing will squeeze out all

Collected data

And you’ll be blessed to share

Your emotional life with your


Fourth: Rest. Rest. Rest.

It’s important to tackle all of

These points with ease!

EASE will be the basis for your

Position looking in at yourself

From a distance.

Five: Never stop penning.

You’re like an athlete

Always stay in shape!

‘Thanks Albert’.


zoltanzelan  ZJG-POetry’19.

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